Goal Extrapolation

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Playing again Fallout I confirmed one of the reasons why videogames are always superior to real life. And therefore give us some ideas for cool implementations which could be added if a new life system was created.
Here we can see two scenes, one inspired on my idea of Fallout, and the other based on my idea of real life.
Both are basically very similar, just changing the circumstances and, in some way, the main character.

 In Fallout

And there you go, with so much babbling you don’t have a clear idea of what you have to do, but here comes the part which really rocks in a videogame: The goal extrapolation!
You go to the menu and you get exactly to know what they wait from you:

Fuck yeah! That’s other thing!
This really makes things easier. Now I’m ready to work my ass off trying to do all this bullshit, even if I die five hundred times and spend all my ammo!
The drunkard gets what he wants, but not because he explained properly the task… If I had to get my own conclusions of what I should do, I most probably go first for the Johnsonites and kill them all, then go and kill Jackson, in the way would get rid of John Johnson, and later would think deeply about why he told me about his family, and how can I kill them.
Because, let’s be honest, in Fallout if you don’t know what to do to accomplish a mission, the first thing which comes to your mind is to kill everybody who gets in your path, and most of the times will be the correct choice.

 And then we have the second promised situation, inspired in real life, or at least what fits in my view of real life.
 In Real Life
The situation is the same, you don’t have the minimum idea about where to start from, but here you don’t have such a direct goal extrapolation like in the videogame, so it’s up to you to choose the criteria you will use to fulfill the client’s desires and expectations.
Anyway, if you had access to the goal extrapolation list, it could look like this more or less:
But in general is impossible to get a goal list so meticulously exact, so you will spend two weeks moving elements over in the poster and getting new comments which will become more confuse with the time as the client starts thinking you dont understand what he wants and will try new ways of creative communication, from drawing with pen over your designs to making collages with his own ideas.
The result may vary, but as a common denominator you always get a final variant chaotic and not enough defined which doesn’t fully satisfy neither client nor designer.

Design situations are my example, but I encourage you to extrapolate goals in your everyday duties, and tell me if it wouldn’t be damn easier if you got the things a little leveled out.
But maybe that’s the life’s challenge, or is it not?